Call for RCF Board Nominations 2018: Want to Make Lasting Change in Rural Nova Scotia?

Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia (RCF) is seeking volunteer board members interested in supporting dynamic, healthy and prosperous rural communities. By putting resources into the hands of people who are making a difference in rural Nova Scotia, RCF is making lasting change in rural communities across the province. RCF works to strengthen Nova Scotia’s[…]

Meeting Rural Challenges With Energy and Imagination: RCF AGM 2017

TRURO – 2016 was an important year of growth and development for the Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia (RCF). Our work, effectively led by the Board, has been largely carried out by RCF’s committees, and each delivered on their mandates, and more. The Fund Development Committee continued its work on the creation of grant[…]

Empowering Leaders at Both Ends of the Rural Spectrum: RCF AGM 2016

Nurturing rural leadership rekindles communities. At the Annual General Meeting of the Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia (RCF) on June 7 at NSCC Truro, RCF grant recipients shared their experiences on how their projects create and inspire leaders at both ends of the rural spectrum: seniors and youth. Anna Roch gave an overview of[…]

St. Paul’s Island Lighthouse: A Fine Example of Community Action

On a sunny and windy August day in 2012, a dream came true for many residents of Dingwall in northern Cape Breton. A long missed lighthouse came home. St. Paul’s Island Lighthouse is Canada’s only federally designated “heritage” lighthouse on any of Canada’s three oceans. Originally built in 1915, it is also the first cast[…]

RCF Database Links the Ways With the Means in Rural Nova Scotia

Rural communities know the way, but they need the means. A database will connect worthwhile projects with the people who can help. Arthur Bull, vice chair of Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia (RCF) says that people in small towns and rural communities have the skills and know-how to get ahead, they just need a[…]

Don’t Write Off Rural Nova Scotia Just Yet

By Teresa MacNeil, Chair, Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia Chronicle Herald, February 13, 2015 Perhaps Herald columnist John DeMont didn’t intend to ignite a debate about the inevitable disappearance of rural Nova Scotia (“Bleak future for rural communities: The real hollowing-out of Nova Scotia countryside is just beginning,” Feb. 4) Perhaps his need to[…]