Director – Brenda Wallace-Allen


Brenda Wallace-Allen has worked for more than twenty-five years in the fields of non-profit management and community development. During that time she was actively involved with health service restructuring at the provincial level. This called for full use of her significant negotiating, collaborating, and capacity-building skills.

Currently, Brenda is a member of the Faculty of Health and Human Services at Nova Scotia Community College Kingstec campus. She serves on the Volunteer Steering Committee of Kings RDA, and with the Network of Networks and Valley Volunteer Coalition. Each of these organizations requires prudent and practical decision making, along with patience, persistence, and resolve. She also serves as a dedicated board member of the Valley Hospice Foundation.

Brenda lives on a small farm overlooking the Bay of Fundy with her husband who grows organic vegetables.

She enjoys frequent visits from her twin grandchildren who are her favourite distraction from other activities

Kings County